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What is the origin of the word 'Love' in tennis? History of Tennis

What is the origin of the word 'Love' in tennis?

The origin of the word 'love' in tennis is steeped in history. It is believed to have come from the French expression ‘l’oeuf’, meaning 'the egg'. This is due to the resemblance of a zero score to an egg in shape. The French phrase was then adopted by English speakers in the late 19th century and became 'love'. This term is still used today when referring to a score of zero in a tennis match. In addition, the phrase 'love all' is used to signify a tied game or the beginning of a match. This phrase is thought to be derived from the French phrase 'à tout', meaning 'everyone'. Thus, the term 'love' in tennis has its roots in both English and French and is an important part of the sport's unique lexicon.

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